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Laws Of Physics Have No Idea Why The Universe Is Expanding Faster Than Ever Before

Physicists from the United States just made the most accurate measurement ever made of the present rate of expansion of the entire Universe, but there is a problem: the entire Universe is expanding 8% faster than our present laws of physics can describe. Now astronomers are considering over again at their measurements and calculations and if turn out to be true, this new measurement will mechanically force us to re-define how dark matter and dark energy have been working on the evolution of the Universe for the past 13.8 billion years approximately, and that can’t be completed without changing or adding something in the Standard model of particle Physics (SMOPP).

According to the present model of cosmology, the major effect on the expansion of the Universe is the competition between dark matter and dark energy. Whereas the gravitational pull of dark matter appears to be slowing down the expansion of the Universe, dark energy seems to be dragging it in the opposite direction to make it speed up. Astrophysicists acknowledged this with the help of the radiation left over from the Big Bang, which we can at the moment detect as the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB).

Now Adam Riess from Johns Hopkins University and his team members have found a unique way to calculate the rate of expansion of the universe, the glow of certain kinds of celestial objects, for example, supernovae and stars, named as 'standard candles'.

Standard candles are supposed to release the exact same level of brightness and glow, which means physicists can use them as symbols to determine how fast this strange Universe is expanding away from us.

Riess’s team studied 18 standard candles by inspecting hundreds of hours of data from the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) and designed that the speed of extension of the Universe is almost 8% faster than the Planck’s measurements predicted.

Kelly Dickerson from says, “If this new measurement is hundred percent accurate, and our maps of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) are also hundred percent accurate, then something about our vital understanding of the Universe is incorrect."

The research, which has been submitted to pre-print website and is at the moment under review. Cosmologist Kevork Abazajian from the University of California (UOC), told Nature that have the possible potential of "becoming transformational in cosmology".

So all we have to do is to sit hopefully and wait for results to be approved or disproved, but this strange Universe is always challenging our present laws of physics. From my perspective, one thing’s pretty sure, it’s an exciting and thrilling time to be a physicist.



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