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Star Trek's Vision Becomes Reality: Teleportation Demonstrated For The First Time Ever

The group of scientists leads by science fiction fan Szameit has for the first ever time confirmed in an experiment that the idea of teleportation not only exist in the world of quantum particles, but also in our own classical world. Szameit and his team members report about these accomplishments in the scientific journal "Laser & Photonics Reviews".

They used a discrete form of laser beams in the experiment. "For Example with the physical states of particles of elements, the properties of light beams can also be entangled," clarifies Dr. Marco Ornigotti, a member of Prof.Szameit's team. For physicists, "entanglement" means a kind of codification. "You link the information you would like to transmit to a specific property of the light," clarifies Ornigotti who led the experiments for the study that was now published.

In their specific case, the physicists have coded some information in a specific polarization direction of the laser light and have conveyed this information to the shape of the laser beam using teleportation. "With this particular form of teleportation, we can, however, not cover any given distance," confirms Szameit. "In contrast, classic teleportation only works locally (not too far)."

But just like it did at the USS Enterprise (starship) or in quantum teleportation, the information is transmitted entirely and directly, without any loss of time. And it makes this kind of transmission of information a fascinating option in telecommunication, for instance, underlines Szameit.



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