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This Is Earth Not An Earth-Like Planet Anymore

Kepler-452b and Earth are twins. Kepler-452b is the most Earthlike planet ever discovered. Is there any possibility we could move there in the near future? It is orbiting a Star just like Earth is. Kepler-452b is 1,400 light years away from Earth in the famous constellation of Cygnus. Earth 2.0 was discovered by Kepler Space Telescope (KST). This revolutionary discovery was announced by NASA on 23 July2015. No other Earth-like planet is discovered yet orbiting a star similar to ours. And here is the first potentially rocky super-Earth world discovered orbiting within the habitable zone (fit for human habitation) of a star very similar to the star of the Solar system (Sun). Kepler-452b is now Called Earth 2.0.

Watch this amazing video explaining Earth 2.0.



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