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A Video To Debunk The Flat-Earth Society In A Single BLOW

Over this weekend, a famous YouTuber named D. Marble took an air trip from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Seattle, Washington, with a carpenter’s level to create a bold scientific announcement: The Planet Earth is flat. Weirdly, D. Marble isn’t the only individual to recently gripping the headlines for doubting one of the central concepts of modern science. 

Back in February, Cleveland Cavaliers Star Kyrie Irving turned out to be a flat-earther, as did a known rapper B.o.B. So why in the world is this bizarre conspiracy concept gaining steam?

The flat-Earth society may be increasing in popularity due to the limitless videos about the conspiracy exploding up on many YouTube channels. In fact, Google searches for the term “flat Earth” have increased to more than 800% since 2014. The elementary theory shapes that Earth is flat like a CD, and the sun circles around the its external ring; in the focal point or Center of the flat-Earth is the Arctic Ocean, which rests ice cold because it’s furthest from the sun’s orbit.

Subscribers to the theory or concept also consider the Earth is covered by a dome and that stars are truly just holes pushed into its roof. Gravity is affected by the Earth gently accelerating or mounting upwards, so when something falls, the planet upswings or rises up to meet it. Many flat-earthers shield their theories by demanding that researchers, politicians, and religious front-runners have committed the “myth” of the round Earth for centuries to explain their own programs.

To help crush the rising flat Earth movement, Life Noggin produced a video that describes why we can be certain and sure that the planet Earth is, indeed, round.



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