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Amateur Astronomers Just Found Objects In Space That Could Lead To The Biggest Discovery Of Our Solar System In Over 150 Years

60,000 people recently got together to make history. Their goal? Observe planet nine for the first time. Planet Nine is a theoretical planet that is thought to exist beyond Pluto, but no one has seen it yet. Participants worked using data from Siding Spring's Sky Mapper telescope. Brad Tucker had has the leading role, by ANU Researcher, and team agreed with one of the four possibilities regardless of whether. The scientific value of the project was certainly verified.

Other researchers agree with the ANU team's sentiment: astronomer Mike Brown of Caltech tweeted his support for the project.For one, it is probably 1,000 times fainter than Pluto. The task for researchers, then, is to sift through old data and make new observations. Learn more in the video below:



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