Killer Asteroid Hitting Earth May Take Us by Surprise,Leading Expert Warned

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An asteroid hitting Earth is not something new. However, world's leading astrophysicist warned that asteroid collision might happen anytime, surprising humanity.

The fear of experiencing an asteroid impact like what happened millions of years ago is still on haunting the Earth. Although we have the technology to detect near-Earth objects, such as the giant space rocks, the planet still has not invented a technology to do something about it. 

"It is important to know that scientists and engineers have made great strides in detecting Near-Earth Asteroids and understanding the threat posed by them. Over 1,800 potentially hazardous objects have been discovered so far, but there are much more waiting to be found," Daily Mail quoted Dr. Fitzsimmons from Queen's University Belfast Astrophysics Research Centre as saying.

However, despite the success of space missions and other methods of detecting potential threats to our planet, it is still uncertain on how prepared are we to deal with such massive space objects.

"Astronomers find Near-Earth Asteroids every day and most are harmless. But it is still possible the next Tunguska would take us by surprise, and although we are much better at finding larger asteroids, that does us no good if we are not prepared to do something about the," Fitzsimmons added.

As of the current writing, steps are being taken by NASA together with other space agencies around the globe to prevent such catastrophe from happening again. That is why many researchers and scientists are doing their best to formulate the best solution.

Some people are proposing a giant booster that would push asteroids away from it. On the other hand, a dangerous proposal of blowing up the huge rock has also been raised. However, all things remain to be in theory, for testing such concepts would take too much effort and resources.

Watch here below some of the potential methods to be used to repel asteroids hitting Earth:

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