First Object Successfully Teleported From Earth To Orbit By Chinese Researchers

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Just last year, a Long March 2D rocket launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the Gobi Desert shipping a satellite called Micius, named after an antique Chinese logician from 391 B.C. Micius is in a Sun-synchronous circle so that it travels over the precise same point on Earth at the same time each day.

Micius is very vital for quantum experiments. It has an extremely sensitive receiver that can detect the quantum positions of single photons sent from the earth. It is very cooperative in testing entanglement, cryptography, and teleportation.

Yesterday Micius team revealed the results of its initial experiments. They used Micius too effectively and successfully teleport the first object from the ground to orbit.

Physicists were able to successfully teleport a proton from Earth to the orbit. You can read about the entire experiment and how it was done here.

This is the first time in the history of man that any object has been teleported from ground to orbit, and it also kicks the record for the longest distance for entanglement.

This experiment was done by Chinese Researchers.

This also proves China’s clear supremacy and lead in a field that, until now, was controlled by Europe and the U.S.

The research paper has been published in You can read the complete paper here.
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