Boy Genius Believes Our Universe was Destroyed By CERN?! Listen To His Explaination…

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The universe we live in is so complex and glorious, that if we could start to grasp what is actually happening for a moment we’d fall to our knees and surrender to its marvelous beauty. For years scientists have debated over this concept, and have just started to scratch the surface. As soon as someone starts to think they have found the answers, new discoveries are made, or extraordinary occurrences happen that refute these hypotheses.

The universe is a tough concept to grasp, and the last place you would think to look is inside a kids mind. But perhaps that is exactly what we need. Someone to look outside the box, use new creative ways to look at the this vast universe and push crazier ideas that just may be true. At 13 years old, Max Laughlin is no ordinary kid. He has created a Free Energy Device with the capability to power the world for free. He has also come up with a lot of brilliant ideas dealing with the Universe and Alternate realities.

His latest theory is that we are now living in another parallel universe that was closest to our original one. He believes that CERN has destroyed our universe, and the famous Mandela Effect is a result of us being in this new parallel universe. Max explains his theory beautifully in this video:
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Mandela Effect



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paul conn said...

Sorry,you are quite a brilliant minded kid, but I had to stop when you said fairytales don't exist! By that very statement you really don't have a grasp on infinite realities, with infinite realities comes infinite possibilities, there is a universe out there where everything is the exact same as the one we live in,the only difference in it and it's hole of spacetime is in this comment I spelt the word whole in wrong/right 2 words back from spacetime! A paradox I've speculated is in 1 of these parallel infinite realities is,actually before I get to it,let's look at the word infinite! To really grasp the concept is that,anything that anyone can imagine or can do and beyond beyond could,did,Will and has already happened,happening and set to happen in any which way order possible,limitless boundaries or no boundaries, somewhere ours laws of mathematics and physics are not,sometime somewhere else I'm the ironman (favourite superhero!), however in 1 of these realities or maybe even an infinite realities there has to be a universe or universe's who has the knowledge and power to travel and inform the infinite realities about the full knowledge and understanding of everything, sorry to simplify there has to be a me in one of these dimensions that has gained the power and knowledge to travel and tell all the rest of the infinite me's about infinite multiverse's, if you dig me??!

paul conn said...

Was posted last night but removed, so here it is again.x