MUST-HAVE APP: Write Texts By Power Of THOUGHT

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A SCIENCE FICTION-style wristband which would allow wearers to send email and texts purely by the power of thought could be a reality as early as next year.

The device, which is being developed by a New York-based start up, allows users to compose messages as if they were sat at a computer or tapping a smart phone screen.

It would allow wearers to make use of any surface as a “virtual keyboard” and the band would even allow users to type by simply THINKING about it.

The high-tech device works by reading electromagnetic signals sent from the brain to muscles in the hands.
The company behind the “brain-machine interface” (BMI), Ctrl-Labs, has already successfully tested their gadget to type text messages and play retro arcade game Asteroids.

Dr Kaifosh, the firm’s chief science officer, said: “We are developing systems to connect your neural output to machines as tightly as it is connected to the muscles you activate when you speak, you won’t have to think about how you communicate text to a computer.”
Ctrl-Labs plans to test a version of the wristband for the mass market next year and say it could be on the arms of millions of people within the next three years.

Companies like Facebook and technology magnate Elon Musk are already investing millions of dollars in to BMI technology with the aim of one day developing implants which could improve brain function and improve memory.
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