Black Holes Are The Key To Cheating Einstein's Theory, Expert Says

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TIME travel is possible through black holes but it would take a “cunning idea” to achieve the much sort after feat, according to a physicist.

As the distinction between time and space surrounding a black hole becomes almost indistinguishable, experts believe that the mysterious entities could be the key to time travel.

However, there are a lot of mitigating factors.

Not even light can escape from the intense gravitational pull of a black hole

The main issue is that anything that comes close to a black hole is sucked in by its immense gravitational pull, which is so strong that not even light can escape.

Although we think this cannot be achieved by our own understanding, some scientists believe their know-how will one day advance to such a point that the impossible becomes the possible.

Black holes could be the key to time travel

Professor in physics Richard Bower and literary professor Simon John James, both from Durham University, curated the exhibition ‘Time Machines – the past, the past, the future, and how stories take us there’.

Prof Bower told Prof James how time travel could one day be possible.

“Is it possible to cheat the safeguards of Einstein's theory and to travel backwards through time?"
Prof Bower said: “Is it possible to cheat the safeguards of Einstein's theory and to travel backwards through time?
 “At face value the answer is no, but then again, the science of earlier generations would have said it was impossible for mankind to fly. “Perhaps all scientists need is inspiration and a cunning idea.”
The physicist went on to explain: “In the inner regions of a spinning black hole, space and time are mixed so that this is tantalizingly close to possible, but I've never knowingly met anyone that made their way back from the future this way.
“Perhaps the looped world line cuts off the old future and pops out a new future, creating parallel worlds that exist at the same time. “From the conventional point of view, there's rather a lot wrong with the idea of looping back in time.
 “But modern interpretations of quantum mechanics suggest that the world may actually consist of many parallel futures, constantly splitting off from one another.”
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