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Breathtaking Visualization Of The Universe Will Make You Feel Like An Ant

On the splendid scale, our universe is a web of galaxies jumbled together by the gravitational force. Cosmic Web, a new work directed by artists and cosmologists at Northeastern’s Center for Complex Network Research, provides a road-map toward understanding how all of those spectacular clusters of stars link and the visualizations are wonderful. The images shown below in the video, represent various hypothetical architectures for our universe, collected from data on 24,000 galaxies.

By changing the building algorithm, the researchers have designed cosmic webs that link up in several of different methods, closeness, grounded on the size and relative velocities of discrete galaxies. You may call it “God View” (or at least I do). Kim Albrecht, the artist behind the new animation told Gizmodo “Before, the cosmic web was more like a metaphor. This is the first time somebody has made these calculations and thought about it as an actual network.”



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