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Jaw-Dropping Video Brings NASA Photos Of Apollo Mission To Life

It is a stunning new view of one of mankind's greatest achievements. A new short film has used digital effects to turn thousands of NASA images of the Apollo missions into a short film. Called Lunar, it uses techniques such as stop motion and panoramic stitching to bring the photographs to life.

It was created by photographer and filmmaker Christian Stangl over 18 months, who describes it as an 'animated collage'. The idea came when Stangl was looking at Project Apollo Archive, a collection of more than 14,000 images from all of the flights in the Apollo program put together by space fans.

“I was fascinated by the amount and the quality of the Pictures. They were thousands of those beautiful high-res photographies made by the famous Hasselblad-Moon camera. When I looked at the Archive, I knew immediately that I want to make a film with these photos!” he told PetaPixel.


  1. Superlatives fail me. Thank you both.


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