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Pilot Captures Amazing Thunderstorm Photo At 37,000 Feet Over The Pacific Ocean

In the last few years, we have seen our fair piece of storm, tornados and lightning photographs, but these photographs from Ecuador Airlines pilot Santiago Borja might be the best of them. Captured from a Boeing 767-300 cockpit at the exact moment of a lightning flash, the photographs captures a powerful thunderstorm forming directly above the Pacific Ocean just in the south of Panama. A tough shot considering the stormy weather and close to pitch-dark setting.

Pilot Santiago Borja says to the Washington Post, “I like this photograph so much because you can touch the astonishing size of the storm and its power. But at the same time, it’s delightful how quietly you can fly around it in the silent air without touching it.”

Santiago Borja also shared a second thunderstorm photograph with Colossal captured in October of last year alongside the coast of Venezuela. You can see many more of his travel and thunderstorm images on Instagram.

 This photo was also taken by Santiago Borja in Columbia, Guayaquil City.



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