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Watch: The Physics of Time Explained in Under 3 Minutes

Many people find the concepts in physics challenging to wrap their head around. Visual aids and explanations can definitely be very helpful, though. The Youtube Channel Minute Physics videos do just that. In the video featured below, Henry from MinutePhysics explains the relativity of time in less than three minutes.

Henry from Minute Physics takes a stab at explaining the concept of time in physics with simple graphics in his sketch on Youtube.

With a clever demonstration that pits two giraffe owners against one another, Henry explains how, if two people are positioned at different vantage points, should they take a measurement of something (in this example, a giraffe) the differing angles would make it seem as though the sizes are different.

As those vantage points and angles may affect our perception of size, Henry also explains how velocity affects our perception of time. While it may seem that two objects moving through space in different directions are also going along at different speeds, in reality, time between those two parties moving isn’t actually progressing at different rates.

In a follow-up Minute Physics video, Henry explains Einstein’s well-known “Twin Paradox” — in which it’s helpful to look at the mathematics behind the doppler effect in conjunction with relativity. Or, if this is all a bit much, you can always look at the notion of time as purely a figment of our imagination.



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