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Astronomers Have Just Found The LARGEST Structure In The Known Universe

Astronomers have just confirmed the discovery of the largest structure ever seen in the known universe, and its 1,000,000,000,000 Light Years long, making it the largest structure ever found. The size of this structure is beyond imagination. (IMAGE: The universe is a web of enormous clusters of matter neighboring empty voids Volker Springel/Max Planck Institute For Astrophysics/SPL)

Scientists at the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands (IACI) in Spain have come across the most largest structure in the known universe and have called it BOSS (the BOSS Great Wall) which when you contemplate, is the perfect name for such an enormous structure in the universe. BOSS stands for the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey.

BOSS is a super-structure composed of super-clusters which are organized by gasses, situated billions of light years away from Earth, and its mass is 10,000 times larger than our galaxy (the Milky Way). Thanks to Gravity, these super-clusters are able to stay inter-locked while they voyage across space.

According to Joshua Sokol at New Scientist, the largest structure discovered by a team from the Canary Islands Institute of Astrophysics is composed of 830 different galaxies and has a mass ten thousand times greater than the Milky Way Galaxy. To put the scale of this structure into view, we orbit one single star. Our galaxy has over 200 billion stars, just like our Sun, in it alone with an unidentified amount of planets revolving around them.

But, even though BOSS is the biggest ‘thing’ ever discovered in the universe so far, not all scientists agree it should be considered as a ‘structure.’

The opinions against BOSS being called a structure or super-structure are that these super-clusters aren’t joined like a wall would be. Instead, they have ‘dips’ and unfilled spaces between them and are connected by clouds of dust and gas.

While the discussion whether or not BOSS is a super-structure or not will remain, it still is the largest object ever found by scientists. In fact, there are many other ‘great wall’s or super-structures found moving in the hollowness of space, located thousands and even millions of light years away from Earth.

Other Structures comparable to BOSS are the Sloan Great Wall, which was discovered by scientists in 2003, and Lanikea, the super-clusters of galaxies where our galaxy is also located. Lanikea, which in Hawaiian means ‘endless heaven’ holds 100,000 galaxies and has the total mass of ONE HUNDRED QUADRILLION SUNS.

Our galaxy stands near the edge of one such super-cluster.

Inside Lanikea, galaxies are drifting towards an area in space called ‘The Great Attractor,’ which according to scientists is same as a huge gravitational valley.

Located in the neighborhood of Lanikea are four neighboring super-clusters called Shapley, Hercules, Coma, and Perseus-Pisces respectively. Lanikea was the first super-cluster to have its size drew by scientists.

Findings like this allow scientists to recognize better the universe and benefits them to rebuild the Big Bang, allowing them to understand how the cosmos has reformed since it came into being.



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