Rock Similar to the Egyptian Statue is Found on Mars


Another image of a rock on Mars is being linked to alien civilization. According to a video shared on YouTube, the unusual formation is the head of a statue of a warrior woman, similar to the statues of ancient Egypt.

There is only one problem: the reason it looks a bit like a headache is due to a mental trick called pareidolia.

"I found what looks like a small female statue on Mars in Gale Crater in a recent image of the Curiosity rover," the user wrote in the video's description.

Several times in recent years, the rock formations of the Red Planet have animated the Internet with the possibility of a civilization on Mars. Without exception, cases are always unmasked as pareidolia. This is a peculiarity of psychology in which the human mind searches for meaning in meaningless data, often seeing faces where they do not really exist.

The most famous case is a 1976 image that became famous and nicknamed Face on Mars - what appeared to be an ancient monument representing a human face. But as our technology improved, high-resolution images showed what that "monument" was a natural formation without any sculpted faces. At low resolutions, the "face" was just a trick of shadows.


Even on Earth you can find formations like this. In addition, last year a NASA Mars project scientist pointed out, before a US Congressional hearing, denying that there was any evidence of a civilization on Mars. [ ScienceAlert ]