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Joy for many and sorrow for others: today, 6/21, winter begins. The season where, in the southern hemisphere, the climate tends to become more rainy, cold and with bigger nights. However, the opposite occurs in the northern hemisphere, where summer begins and temperatures rise. The phenomena are known as Winter Solstice and Summer Solstice.

Solstices are held twice a year, in June and December. When in the south it is winter, in the north it is summer and vice versa. When it is the summer means the day will be the highest of the year, and in winter, it means that the duration of the night is the longest of the year. This is due to the Earth's inclination, which directly influences the incidence of solar rays that will reach the hemispheres.


Earth's inclination on the solstice of June. (Credits: Reproduction)

From today, the earth will continue its cycle of change in the axis and in September we will have the equinox, which is when the two hemispheres receive equal amounts of sunlight, that is, the day and night will have 12 hours of duration. This is the so-called Spring Equinox for those who live in the South and autumn for those who live in the North.

In December the situation reverses completely, the northern hemisphere begins to cool by the arrival of winter and in the south begins to heat by the arrival of summer.

If you love winter, it's time to celebrate. Today, besides being able to sleep a little more, the nights tend to be cold. If it is otherwise, unfortunately it is to wait until December for the temperatures to rise.