The Sixth Extinction Is Here And We Humans Are Causing It !


Our human culture is full of stories that include our interactions with our animal partners. For example, children's stories are full of talking animals that interact in a way that resembles human interaction, but in fact, these animals, such as leopards, elephants, wolves, and others, are close to extinction.

Today, biodiversity tends towards animals domesticated by humans such as cows, dogs, cats, sheep, and others. Where Semba (the lion) and the pandas no longer have a place to live.

For example, the number of wolves in the world does not exceed 200 thousand, while there are about 400 million dogs mated on the globe. There are also about 600 million cats versus 20,000 lions (a century ago there were about 200,000). The elephant is endangered by 2020 ...

The idea that we are changing biodiversity on the planet and soon the only place for biodiversity will be zoos. The planet will become a place where man and the rest of his domesticated animals will live. Today about 90% of the large animals (several kilograms) living on the planet are either humans or animals domesticated by humans.

In the history of life on Earth, there have been 5 total extinctions that have wiped out most of the life on Earth:

The first extinction: (Ordovician-Silurian extinction event) occurred 450 million years ago due to climate change and caused the extinction of more than 60% of marine invertebrates.

Second extinction: (Late Devonian extinction), which occurred about 350 million years ago and took about 25 million years and therefore it is unclear what its direct causes. This extinction has affected marine life in particular and caused 75% extinction of species.

The third extinction: (Permian-Triassic extinction event), which occurred 250 million years ago, is the largest extinction event on earth, as it caused the extinction of 95% of marine life, about 70% of terrestrial vertebrate life and 57% of insects.

The fourth extinction: (Triassic-Jurassic extinction event), which occurred about 200 million years ago and caused the disappearance of 20% of marine organisms and many reptiles.

Fifth extinction: (Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction), or the so-called dinosaur extinction event, which occurred nearly 65 million years ago. This event caused the extinction of more than 80% of life on Earth. Only some species of birds and small mammals survived.

Today we are witnessing the sixth extinction in the history of life on Earth.

This is the first time that an organism has caused an extinction such as that which occurs today. Usually, extinctions are caused by climate change or natural disaster but today man is the main driver of this extinction.