Video Shows Massive Glacier Melt In Greenland Turned Into A Charging River

Journalist Laurie Garrett posted a video showing the effects of a massive glacial melt in Greenland.

Large rivers of melting water form on an ice sheet in western Greenland and drain into Moulin holes that empty into the ocean from underneath the ice.

More than 197 billion tons of ice was lost in Greenland in July.

According to NASA, with billions of tons of meltwater draining into the Atlantic Ocean, has caused an immediate rise in sea water — enough to cover the entire state of Florida with five inches of water.

Ice melts every time summer rolls around, but the amount of Arctic ice that melts each summer is growing. Temperatures in the planet’s extreme north are rising twice as fast as the global average.

A new study predicts that if human greenhouse emissions continue unabated, by the end of this century ice loss from the Greenland ice sheet could see the ocean rise by up to 33cm.